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4 March 2012

0010 - Ivy

Interviewer's Note: She's an ENTJ, according to the MBTI personality test. And do you know that they are one of the least common types in the population, and the rarest type among women? (They make up 2% of the general population: 3% of men, 1% of women) Gosh, people like Ivy should be considered endangered species. Anyway, I'm really happy to have her contribute to our blog today! Love her perspective!

Ivy / 26 / Singapore / Communicator, Designer, Thinker / / @nanyate

What do you live for?
To better. Better myself. Better my family and friends. Better my community. Better humanity. 

Humanity has stagnated. While technology continue to advance at breakneck pace and we continue to work harder, we're also feeling more empty and unfulfilled than ever. Anyone who dreads going to work or school on Sunday nights knows this feeling well. 

I believe that's got something to do with not living up to our full potential. It's a pity because we all have the potential to be so much more -- but it is either consciously suppressed or unconsciously hidden.

To tap into that potential, we each need to go through an arduous journey of self-discovery, self-realization and self-creation. And as I venture on my own journey, I'd like to help others, so that we can all transcend this stagnation and take humanity to a new level. 

What is some of the best advice that you have been given/want to give our readers?
There will be times in your life when you face situations that cause tension inside you, as you try to strike a balance between what is practical and what you truly desire. A wise friend told me that it is these difficult times that will build strength and depth of character. So don't run away from it, embrace the tension instead. 

Something random you'd like to say?
Just be.

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